Review: Maiya’s Thai massage in Leicester

21 Oct

Maiya is a Thai woman who does massage in Leicester. She’s in her mid 30s, average height and with a good body.

She works in a room inside a flat just off Narborough Road opposite the small Sainsburys supermarket. Charge is £30 for an hour.

The first time I visited was one Sunday afternoon. I saw her ad on Gumtree and made the appointment and arrived a couple of hours later around 6pm.

At first Maiya seemed a little unfriendly. I had a shower first and settled down with a glass of water. She had no qualms about removing the towel, so I was fully naked.

Normally I like really hard massage – it helps to remove knots and fix some of the aches and sprains – but she wanted an extra £5 for this because she said it takes up more of her energy! Well, I wasn’t about to do that so I just settled for the medium pressure massage.

With her pert little tits poking out of her top it wasn’t long after I’d turned over to be massaged on the front that my cock was twitching a little. A few minutes later  she suggsted shyly ‘some men like to have this massaged’ and pointed to my groin.

Well, I was not in the mood for this but asked anyway how much it would be. ‘It’s up to you, you give me tip,’ she said, which I assumed meant that £10 would be enough.

However, I still declined. And she didn’t push me.

Maya only does happy ending or hand relief as some call it or hand jobs. As for other girls in the building, they may do more. But they all advertise independently and rent the individual rooms.

£30 for one hour Thai oil massage is a fairly reasonable price. She is quite good at massage too. But only does soft or medium pressure.


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